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18-day maker

November 30 – December 2
December 7 – December 9
December 13 – December 24


Sadie A. Design



Personal motto

How can I make this Fun?


How would you describe your business?

I design artisanal goods that reflect a life of love for the central coast vibe.. My goods include hats, keychains, prints and mixed media art and whatever other creative endeavor I chose to pursue that day.

How did you get into your trade?

My parents are both wildly creative in their own right. My dad is a craftsman and the master at self-sufficiency while my mom is a traditional sign-painter. They are both the jack and jill of many, many trades. Our rural Central Coast home was the breeding ground for creative exploration. There was rarely a surface that didn't have paint, and “dirty” defined a good day. It wasn't until well into my 20s before I realized how magical the freedom really was. Since then I've explored many different mediums but always come back to creating goods that reflect my love for the Central Coast. I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, but play in many other mediums including leather, wood, and paint. At the core of it all, the primitive need to create is what fuels my creative exploration.

Working as a maker on the Central Coast can be hard, expensive, and risky. Why do you do it?

Because making things with my own 2 hands is as essential to my wellbeing as the need to eat or breathe.