Fashion Designer / Maker

18-day maker

November 30 – December 2
December 7 – December 9
December 13 – December 24


Wild Moon Collection



Personal motto

“The goal is to empower the consumer with my product. Provide them with quality in clothing and home goods that will have a positive impact on the earth.”


How would you describe your business?

Wild Moon is a collection of fashion and home goods with a focus on ethical practices. All products are made with a thoughtful design process, and are typically made from deadstock fabrics or recycled materials. Wild Moon is an effort to bring beauty to you through design and quality to make you feel good about yourself and the earth.

How did you get into your trade?

Went to Cuesta College for Fashion Design and Merchandising, and stayed in the area for the scenery.

Working as a maker on the Central Coast can be hard, expensive, and risky. Why do you do it?

Many people in this area have great awareness of sustainable practices in every day life, so I’ve worked to have focus on that in my business. The constant learning, growing, and connecting with others around me to expand my knowledge of putting out ethically made products. I honestly just have pure love for design and want to make great products for you to wear or have in your home!