Resin Artist

WEEKEND #2 maker

December 7 – December 9


The Gannon Studio



Personal motto

“Let’s do this!”


How would you describe your business?

I design home goods that are each their own one-of-a-kind piece. My goods include coaster sets, decorative trays, jewelry dishes, and paintings.

How did you get into your trade?

I’ve always been an artist but once I discovered resin art I fell in love. I had to learn how to do it and once I did, I just couldn’t stop. Now here I am, a couple of years later doing something I never imagined: creating a small business over night.

Working as a maker on the Central Coast can be hard, expensive, and risky. Why do you do it?

I do it all for the personal release. Creating resin art is a way for me to set my crazy life aside and just be one with my soul. Each piece I create has a unique vibe to it and could never be replicated. That’s the best part, I don’t see my business as a business. I see it as a hobby and that’s why it works.