weekend #1 maker

November 30 – December 2


Key Flame Candle Company



Personal motto

“Full life, full love.”


How would you describe your business?

Key Flame refillable candle bowls are perfect for the daily candle user because they are durable, cleanable, and they diffuse light well. Each candle refill is made from 444 soy wax and a custom blend of top shelf essential oils, with a 4-hour clean burn time.

How did you get into your trade?

Since I was young, I've loved the way things smell, like a parking lot after a rainstorm or the inside of a fallen oak tree. In 2014 I started collecting and blending essential oils as a way to train my brain to more accurately identify aromas in wine. I'd been selling wine for Paso Robles wineries since 2012, and I don't plan on leaving the industry. This has given me access to a reliable source of wine bottles as well as the expertise of several winemakers I've worked with. t's a Paso Robles success story for sure, and I can't wait to keep following my nose!

Working as a maker on the Central Coast can be hard, expensive, and risky. Why do you do it?

I did it and I do it because I want to give my customers a holistic experience. I've devoted countless hours and dollars to my business for over 4 years now, but it's never felt like work. Sure, things have been tight financially, but I feel so rich in spirit and creativity. Plus, my parents believe in my business and have helped me stay afloat, so for as long as I can be a candlemaker, I will be.